Society and politics determine the framework in which farmers and BAT operate in agricultural trade. Therefore we wish to represent our interests as well as the interests of agricultural enterprises. As such we are a member of the following associations (in alphabetical order), amongst others:

  • Bauernverband Schleswig-Holstein e. V. (Farmers Association Schleswig-Holstein)
  • BVA Bundesverband der Agrargewerblichen Wirtschaft e. V. (Federal Association of the Agricultural Economy)
  • BVO Bundesverband der VO-Firmen e. V. (Federal Association of the Propagation Organisation companies)
  • DVT Deutscher Verband Tiernahrung e. V (German Association for Animal Feed)
  • Heimische Landwirtschaft UG (Domestic Agriculture LLC)
  • VdG Verein der Getreidehändler der Hamburger Börse e. V. (Grain Traders Association of the Hamburg Exchange)